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LocalFor fast, reliable and guaranteed plumbing repairs and installations in Little Rock and surrounding areas, more and more families and businesses continue to choose Sanders Plumbing. We've been helping Little Rock homes for 40 years, and it's our heritage, reputation, and our 'old school' values of integrity, hard work and fairness that allow us to be trusted for great service year after year.

Discover the Sanders Plumbing difference today. It really is a different philosophy from the you want how much?! pricing approach of our competitors.

Quality1. Satisfaction Guaranteed Service: It's simple - we want you to be happy that you chose Sanders Plumbing, and we know that our professional technicians will deliver. Were you to have any issues, we would send out another technician for free. No fuss, no bother. That alone is incentive enough to make sure that the job is always done right first time.

2. Fast, On-Time Service AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: We'll be there on time, and we can be there fast. No sales gimmicks are needed. And Sanders Plumbing will never, ever charge extra to be there quickly (being there within an hour is regarded a premium surcharge service by many other companies). If you have a plumbing emergency, you have an emergency and it's our job to fix it. We're centrally located, and we'll send the nearest available technician straight to your door.

Service3. Expert Plumbers: Fully licensed, trained and trustworthy. They're polite, friendly, clean and tidy. If we wouldn't let them in our home and to work on our own plumbing, we wouldn't hire them.

4. Warrantied Workmanship: All workmanship is backed by a written guarantee.

5. Fair Pricing: This is where we're a little bit more 'old school' than other plumbing companies. This business has been busy for 40 years on the principal of doing a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. It has worked so far, so we're going to stick with it.

6. Latest Plumbing Technology: We may have traditional values, but we continue to invest in the latest plumbing technology. If it saves us time to diagnose a plumbing problem fast, it saves us all money, from leak location to fiber optic drain cameras.

7. Arkansas Through and Through: We're a local company, Little Rock to the heart. Our customers are our neighbors and our friends. No national call centers or 'enter your zip code', because we don't know where you live' with Sanders Plumbing. We're just local Little Rock folk here to help.

For truly great plumbing service for all your home and businesses needs, call and speak with Sanders Plumbing today. We want you to be so delighted that you tell all your friends - indeed most of our calls are from repeat customers or their friends. It's simple, and a little 'old school', but with a little luck, it will keep us serving the Little Rock area for next 40 years to come. Call Sanders Plumbing today at 501 588 0969.

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