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Commercial Plumbing SpecialistsFor expert commercial plumbing repairs and installations in Little Rock, choose the commercial specialists trusted in Arkansas for 40 years. Sanders Plumbing can help businesses, food outlets, malls, stores, industries, schools, hospitals and other facilities with professional and reliable technicians to keep their plumbing service running smoothly and efficiently.


Among the benefits of choosing Sanders Plumbing are:


1. ALREADY TRUSTED BY BUSINESSES AND FACILITIES IN LITTLE ROCK: Sanders Plumbing is already trusted by businesses and facilities managers in Little Rock.

2. EXPERIENCED: Serving Central Arkansas for 40 years, Sanders Plumbing is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Serving You Around The Clock3. PRIORITY 24 HOUR SERVICE: When you have an emergency that requires a rapid response, we have commercial technicians available around the clock.

4. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE EXPERTS: We can help to prevent potential plumbing issues BEFORE they occur, saving you time and money.

5. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: With clean, tidy and respectful technicians that respect your facility, your employees and your customers.


Among our range of commercial plumbing services are:

1. BACKFLOW PREVENTION TESTING: Call and book your annual backflow test and receive a complimentary commercial plumbing inspection of your other plumbing. We can help with all your backflow prevention needs, including repairs and new installations.

2. DRAIN AND SEWER CLEANING AND REPAIRS: For all your drain and sewer line problems, we can help you today. Our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, that can pinpoint the problem and even show you on video where the problem is providing a fully informed choice as to what repair options to take.

3. COMMERCIAL HOT WATER: Tank and tankless installations and repairs are available.

4. PIPE PROBLEMS: Diagnosis, leak location and repiping of old galvanized or problematic piping with copper are services available.

Commercial Restrooms5. UTILITY INSTALLATIONS: NEW LINES. New mains water lines and sewer lateral lines.

6. GENERAL PLUMBING INSTALLATIONS & REPAIRS: For all your facility's plumbing issues, Sanders Plumbing can service both large and small projects.

7. EMPLOYEE & CUSTOMER RESTROOMS: Repairs, upgrades and new installations are available .


For all your commercial plumbing needs in Little Rock AR, call and speak with Sanders Plumbing today.


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